excuse me.
if you really want my codes that much, open your mouth and ask. :D

Monday, August 31, 2009:D
followed your heart 2:15 PM

LAST DAY OF SCHOOL INSANITY/08S65 IN HAWAII! : ft various people with flowers on head, f4 and hot latino model wannabes, letting a fruity necklace which i beaded together when i was 5 hang on eldwins face with a corn right below his left nostril hahah ahah, gay boys buff boys with cheesy showhost! and calvin sim face aplenty. plus random hanging and corn pops eating. man i think i'll miss school. . more here

love, li ann

Thursday, August 27, 2009:D
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65 Boleh :D

Saturday, July 11, 2009:D
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hey guys

just wanna thank all of you guys for coming over last night and making it such a great time for me (: really appreciate your presence!

BRYAN (who is now 18 and can officially drink!)

Thursday, July 2, 2009:D
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hey class

yep taking a break from math (die man i damn stressed) so i thought i'd just send a reminder heh. hope you guys didn't forget about the bbq at my place on the 10th of July. yup so keep that day free and we'll come over after school!

all the best for math and chem (:

- Bryan

Thursday, May 14, 2009:D
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hey class. haven't posted here in awhile but here i am.  again.

this is kinda hard to post but i'll try.  thing is, uh.

I am thinking of having a BBQ at my house on the 10th of July which is a Friday which is not so coincidentaly one day before my birthday (which is on the 11th of July).  i know it's like 2 months away and all but i wanna book the pit soon so people don't book it.

i mean, hey, July is a real good month and all, and the 11th is also especially special so the pit was probably booked last year already so people might just be flocking to book it on the 10th.

so yeah i wanna book it soon.  either that or it's cause my mom does.  but yeah it's a Friday, probably come after school to my place?  and it's just after blocks so we need a break too yeah? haha.

anyway let me know k?  used the blog cause i am seriously a deprived kid with only 300 free smses a month that i usually max out in 2 weeks.  hopefully you guys do come to the blog too.

let me know please!!


i think i made it obvious enough did i? XD

Sunday, May 3, 2009:D
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hey you guys,
next week is test week as well as competition week for most ccas.
volleyball will be playing two matches, on monday and wednesday.
choir will be having their syf on tuesday.
chinese orchestra will be having their syf on wednesday.
softball will be playing vj on wednesday.
band will be having syf on friday.

so this kind of got me thinking about everything, and i started to feel kind of helpless.
but then i watched this video, and things kind of seemed more optimistic.
hope it'll help everyone's who's feeling a little jumpy this week!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009:D
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Post no.60

Today was an insightful Chemistry tutorial ay? :)
Remember your Oxidising/Reducing agents yeah? Like Potassium Dichromate, Potassium Permaganate. And other reagents like Tollens, 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine. AND THE NEWEST OF THEM ALL... (drumrolls...) LENNIS REAGENT!

Let me describe a test for you.
To test: Whether there is Marie functional group present.
First, add Lennis Reagent to 08S65 where you suspect she is.
Observation: Lennis Reagent turns from Black to Red.
Conditions: Just be passionate while doing the test k? :)

Mr Teo's um-chio-ing now :D

Any resemblance of the events, names, personalities, places, or organizations in this story are clearly coincidental :)


the love. ♥

08S65, need I say more?



this is supposed to be a wishlist but I changed it into an achievements area, cos WE'VE TOO MANY!! :D



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